The 2 questions that inspired it all. 

                      HOW IT WORKS                 

inspiration fine art kids Melbourne

Blackbird & Plum have spent many happy months searching for, shortlisting and collaborating with artists from around the world. 

Artists were given a single word as their inspiration and a minimal number of tech specs. They were encouraged to show off their personal style and enjoy the process. '100% creative control in the artist's hands' is something we truly stand by. 

inspiration fine art kids Melbourne

We proudly release a new print every single week. There is no consistent look, feel, colour scheme or theme. The only constant is the size and quality. Expect the unexpected and for imaginations to be excited. This is not your usual nursery art. All of our prints have been kid tested, reviewed and approved.

Our instagram is an important part of our business. We invite you to participate and play our guessing games with childlike enthusiasm. Guessing is fun, winning is fun, playing is fun. Nothing makes us happier and everyone should be surrounded by art.